"Birth of a Fox"

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16" x 12" Watercolor

She's on her way!

My watercolors have a sense of childlike wonder and awe. All of my work is rooted in mystical discovery, love, pain, and the subconscious.

This piece is playfully decorative and would look nice in a fun home, inhabited by colorful imaginations.


1) The photograph of this piece was taken before I initialed it. The initials are "RND" -- a terrible attempt at an alter ego that didn't work out. Please don't worry; this is my work.

2) I ship watercolors in a basic white wooden frame with a plexi front surface, to ensure that it is protected in transit and during preliminary storage in your home, in case you hadn't picked out a frame yet. There's nothing wrong with using this frame, but it may be scuffed in transit.

3) As always, NEVER get a watercolor painting wet. It'd break both of our hearts!