Support Art

When I see the phrase "Support Artists!" I cringe inside because it sounds like begging. It makes an artist seem like a would-be vagabond looking for a score.

That said, I cannot think of anything more noble than supporting art itself.

The artist makes the world to be better by inspiring us to awaken the sleeping giants within and imagine that better world so that we can have it.

In my view, it is the role of art to awaken us, to massage our souls, to instigate change.

Art inspires.

A great way to support art within the economic, social, and political frameworks available to us, is to become fans of artists who are doing work that stirs you.

As a fan, you purchase great works and share your discoveries with others.

Art is a wonderful adventure and within it, a life better lived beckons.

Discerning fans of art live the richest lives of all.

(And if you don't like my work, that's fine -- go out there and find the stuff that pushes and pulls you through the fire until you boil over.)