Art as Investment

While it saddens me to think of people buying my work and storing it somewhere rather than enjoying it, the reality is that art is a great investment.


Unlike most investments, such as stocks, the amount people pay directly affects the immediate valuation (of the artist's work) and acts as a driving factor in pricing art in the future -- and its largely malleable.

Stocks, for example, can go up or down depending on "market conditions" and prices fluctuate according to emotions and public perception. It is quite common for a company to report record profits while a panicked news report or political "crisis" can send the share price reeling. It's also fairly common for a company that doesn't make money to experience impressive gains if it's part of an exciting fad.

Art pricing, on the other hand, is directly impacted in the short-term according to what people choose to pay for it. If you decide that you want your initial investment value to go up, you can pay more for a piece and, suddenly, that artist is an artist who sells at that price.

With art, public perception trends it up as prices rise (and vice versa). Artists gain acclaim as people are increasingly willing to pay more for an artist's work. If enough people are excited, the price can trend upward on momentum alone as perception gradually eclipses individual sales as a pricing metric.

Unlike nearly all other investments, art almost never depreciates. As long as the artist doesn't suddenly embark on a violent crime spree, your investment is certain to appreciate.


In other words, it pays to opt to pay more for art.

If you would like to make your initial investment at a higher price than listed, message me and I will increase the listed price to the desired amount before you buy so that your receipt is accurate. After we complete the sale, I will increase all of my prices overall to reflect the new valuation of "Artworks by Robert Bloom."

In this way, you control the initial valuation of your art investment and positively affect the momentum of your investment for the immediate future. And as my reputation grows, so does your investment. And if your friends happen to buy paintings for themselves, your investment flourishes.


Rest assured, I will never embark on a murder spree.